Wednesday, 18 November 2015


During the weekend my sister and I went down to whangarei to spend time with my dad and Cherie.  While we were down there my sister, Cherie and I went to the beach to pick pipi’s.  The next day we went to town to look around then we brought some stuff home for the house. For dinner we had cabbage, chips, chicken and the night before we had fish fingers, chips and chicken.  On sunday we woke up then we fed our rabbit then we went for a spa then my sister jumped out of the spa, I stayed in the spa then I got out and got ready to leave so I could go back to our nans.

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  1. Hi Tamlyn, My name is Gerry and I go to Tautoro School. i really enjoyed reading about your weekends and I hope that you had a lot of fun. To improve on your story I think that you should describe your story a bit more and add in what was favourite part of the day and why. But other than that, this is an amazing story about your weekends.
    From Gerry