Friday, 30 October 2015

Ramare 30 october 2015

When we got to school we done the roll then we jumped into the van me and the kapahaka roopu and lainie went to whangarei but we meet lainie `and that there because they were already in whangarei we had a long trip there so me kenadee and leeana and paige were singing when we got there i felt tired then we had to sit down on the grass.Then our group got called in then we ran into the girls changing room then we came out and put our bags down then i had a little swim in the water then i went under the bridge.Then me and destiny went on the hydroslide but first i went on the light one 2 times then i went on the dark one 4 times at first it was scary but then i got to know feet down and head up i really like the hydroslide then i left and went into the  pools by the waves and i was on the boards i keeped on flipping and i wanted to go under the water.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Rapare 21 whiringa-a-nuku 2015Thrill your kids with a vacation at one of our 10 best theme parks this summer!

WALT:write a fictional story about a picture of our choice.

on a hot sunny day my family and i went for a nice swim. there were water toys and waves and i really wanted to go there. The water splashes us like this splash splosh splash it looks like i'm going down a huge water slide.
It is beautiful and there is Lego toys everywhere, it looks like they are jumping off the bank like at a beach.
this picture makes me want to be there.